Skype-Chat mit Mr. S.

Den Chat von heute morgen kann ich euch nicht vorenthalten:

H.S.: Hi
Maurice: Hello
H.S.: How are you Maurice…
Maurice: I’m fine, thank you.
H.S.: I want to chat in regards to software development services….
Maurice: No problem, go ahead
H.S.: We are owned and based in US… and our development center in India….
Maurice: Ah, i think i found your E-Mail in my SPAM-Folder this morning
H.S.: you can check out our website […]
Maurice: So basically you are offering outsourcing of development tasks
H.S.: we are specialised in Custom Software Development, Web Development, E-Business Applications and many more…
H.S.: yes … we have 300+ professionals … We have clients all over the globe….
Maurice: OK, i have one question. If you are specialised in Web Development, than how come your website be a table-based layout with non-semantic markup?
H.S.: our website was developed using DotNet

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